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The IPE department along with the Mechanical Engineering (ME) department has several facilities to meet the requirements of both undergraduate and post-graduate studies. The Department has the following laboratories & workshops available for research, instruction, and sessional classes.

Modular Production System Laboratory

The MPS lab consists of a total of 8 modules: A robot station, measuring station, separating station, transfer station, filling station, and process station. It is also equipped with an Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS system). It has also a color and diffuse sensor for object identification. All the modules are high-tech and of industrial grade.

Metrology Laboratory

This laboratory is designed for Instrumentation, Engineering Mechanics, Metallurgy, and Mechanics of Solids sessional courses. It contains a specialist facility for the accurate measurement of physical quantities and qualities.  

Computer Laboratory

This laboratory provides computing facilities for the sessional courses on Programming, Plotting with Origin, and drawing with AutoCAD software. It is also networked with the campus server, which assists the research activities in the department. Currently, there are 34 computers in the lab.

Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

This laboratory is equipped with various apparatus for the sessional course in Fluid Mechanics and Machinery. Experiments conducted within these facilities play a pivotal role in enhancing students’ understanding fluid mechanics and its applications across diverse industries such as aerospace, pyrolysis, hydrology, and automotive engineering.  

Heat Engine Laboratory

This laboratory is specifically tailored to cater to the sessional classes for Basic Mechanical Engineering, Thermodynamics, Solar Energy, and Heat Transfer courses, providing students with hands-on experience and practical insights into the principles of fluid mechanics and thermodynamics, which are fundamental to these areas of study.  

Machine Shop

This Shop is equipped with various machine tools containing lathe, milling, drilling, grinding, and shaper machines for sessional courses on Shop Practice and Machine Tools. In this shop, different martial removal operations are performed using cutting tools mounted on the machines of the shop. machine condition and quality-related research are also done with the help of this lab.

Wood Shop  

This shop serves as a dedicated workspace equipped with the necessary tools and machinery, offering students the opportunity to develop their skills in wood pattern making and carpentry work, aligning with the practical requirements of sessional courses. This ensures that students are well-prepared for the demands of real-world woodworking, such as pattern designing and making, small wood projects.  

Welding & Sheet Metal Shop

This shop is equipped with a variety of welding equipment, including welding machines, welding torches, electrodes, and safety measures. Welding techniques such as MIG, TIG, and arc welding are commonly taught and practiced here. In Sheet metalwork, students are involved in the cutting, bending, and shaping of thin metal sheets to create various components and structures.  

Foundry Shop

This Shop is equipped with a casting apparatus, which uses the patterns from the woodshop and demonstrates the casting process in the sessional courses on the Production process. Students get practically comprehensive understanding of metal casting techniques by doing the experiments. It serves as a valuable resource for hands-on learning and practical experience in manufacturing processes.