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Audit Section

Audit section investigates the financial activities of the university and ensure the activities has been done logically, ethically or  inline with the rules regulations of the university or not. The section give feedback to the authority for necessary corrections regarding financial matter if any  miscalculations has been done. 

SK. Md. Masbahul Arefin

Deputy Director (Audit) Audit Section
  880-1761930066  Ground Floor, Admin Building

Md. Abdur Raihan

Assistant Registrar Audit Section
  880-1716181744  Ground Floor, Admin Building

Md. Atiqur Rahman

Senior Assistant Director (Audit) Audit Section
  880-1521420400  Ground Floor, Admin Building

Md. Muktar Hossain

Senior Assistant Director (Audit) Audit Section
  880-1714474095  Ground Floor, Admin Building